Cavalier Genève Limited Edition 2022

18 Aug 2022  •  Posted by Jack  •  Cavalier Genève  •  206 views

One of the brands I had been dying to get my hands on prior to the pandemic, was Cavalier Genève.  Thanks to the pandemic, I was able to do so.  You might have seen them.  Nearly all of their cigars sport a diamond shaped application of edible gold.  Since my local shop picked up this brand (partly because I bugged them about it) I have smoked a ton of them.  Today we are going after the new Cavalier Genève Limited Edition 2022, hereafter called the LE 22.

Construction: Sporting a soft box-press and a slightly dry looking wrapper leaf, the LE 22 is a very well put-together cigar.  Soft and supple with no veins or seams.  No complaints.

Pre-light Aroma and Draw: One of the most unique unlit smells graces this thing....what is that?  Wheat?  Rye?  Peat?  Really odd but not unpleasant at all.  The draw is wide open, and a cold pull actually reminds me of pasta for some reason.  The wrapper has a nice salty flavor as I light it up.

Light and Burn: There were a couple of times I thought the burn was going to become an issue - yet it never did, and corrected as I smoked without any help from me.

Tasting: It's a smoke bomb right out of the gate.  Notes of dry cedar, red pepper, and a very mild clove start things off nicely.  Cut wood, machine oil, and old leather mingle with graham cracker and coffee beans.  The strength is medium, leaning towards the top end simply because of the wide open draw, which causes a pretty hot burn.  I have picked up an interesting sweetness to the finish that reminds me of Dutch chocolate. 

About half-way through, the LE 22 smooths out considerably.  A core of flavors starts to develop with Dutch chocolate, white pepper, caramel, and some coconut showing through the most.  German chocolate cake!  That's what it reminds me of.  It's not a super sweet cigar, but the underlying flavors coupled with a nice aromatic smoke make it seem sweeter than it is. 

The finale adds some nutty notes with some dried fruits and alfalfa.  The finish is rich and dense, with the core flavors mixing on the palate to create a truly spectacular aftertaste.  This is a fantastic cigar - no question.

Value: Most of the Cavalier Genève lines will run you less than ten bucks, but the LE 22 is around twelve.

Final Thoughts: An exceptional cigar from an exceptional company.  Worth every cent I paid, as well as the wait.  A stellar limited edition release that anyone can enjoy.

Wrapper: Undisclosed
Binder: Undisclosed
Filler: Undisclosed

Strength: Medium

Size: 6x52 soft box press toro

Final rating:


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