Top Five of 2021

Top Five of 2021

I know this is a little late, but I thought I should probably post about a few cigars that I feel worthy of some credit.  I smoked a ton of ... Read more

Partagas Aniversario 170 Salomon

Having won a humidor chest loaded with Partagas 150's in 2001, I  have been excited to latch onto one of these new 170's.  I ended up grabbing one of the ... Read more

Partagas Benji Master Series Majestuoso

Partagas Benji Master Series Majestuoso

Driving the worst rental car ever on a particularly nasty looking Ohio day, I stopped in at The Market today and picked up a brand new stick I hadn't seen ... Read more

Partagas 150

Partagas 150 "A"

Prepare to be jealous.  In 2001, I won a grand prize from General Cigar....a chest containing Partagas Ramon y Ramon in various sizes and a slew of Partagas 150s.  Somehow, ... Read more

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