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One of my newest go-to brands is Curivari.  During the pandemic, I was lucky enough to find their Buenaventura line and have since made it my morning coffee cigar.  But Curivari has a slew of other facings that you might spot at online retailers.  Luckily, my fiancée and I ventured to the new B&G Cigar Lounge in West Carrollton, Ohio yesterday.  Terrific place, friendly and knowledgeable owners, friendly customers, and a terrific humidor.  Wouldn't you know it?  They carry Curivari cigars too!  The Archimedes, Achilles, and Ciclope, were the first three cigars I grabbed.  Today, I have decided to smoke the Archimedes. 

The owner of Curivari cigars is a man named Andreas Throuvalas and his cigars pay homage to his Greek heritage.  Now, here in the Dayton Ohio area, in September, we have our annual Greek Festival and Italian Festival - and of course they are hosted on the same weekend!  I have had to choose between both on several occasions, and I always choose the Greeks.  Why?  Because I could literally kill myself eating Gyros, kourabiedes, Greek coffee, and Athenian beer....and my family is Italian.  Two of my neighbors growing up were Greek.  My birthday "cake" on several occasions was a pan of homemade baklava.  So, yes...I love Greek food, their heritage, and their spirit.

So, the subject of this review is the Archimedes.  Archimedes was a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer...a master of everything, by all accounts.  Heck, he is credited with the first approximation of pi.  All this with no computers, no internet, nothing.  Just his wits.  Pretty incredible.  How is the cigar named in his honor?  Let's find out...

Construction: The Archimedes is a nice looking cigar.  Oily wrapper with a few minor veins and no seams or blemishes.  The band is gloriously simple and elegant.  Black and white with a daisy flower in the middle.  Very retro and not overly wild.  It fits the historical feel of the line.

Pre-light Aroma and Draw: Out of the cellophane I get a really unique set of aromas.  Saddle leather, earth, wood, and some machine oil that reminds me of my Grandpa's basement.  If you've read my other reviews you will note that anything that reminds me of my grandparents is a hit...of course.

Light and Burn: Two matches fire the Archimedes to life.  Burn is nice and even with only one minor touch up about halfway through.

Tasting: Right out of the gate the Archimedes hits me with dense black coffee, leather, earth, and oily cut wood.  I have reviewed a few cigars with that profile over the years and every one is in my regular rotation.  Some red and white pepper notes spice things up a bit.  A delicious note of dried fruit pops in as the pepper increases.  There is actually a slick oily feeling to the smoke and the pepper notes make the roof of my mouth tingle.  A wheat note mixes with a sweet chocolate about an inch into the cigar.  This is one heck of a flavor bomb.  Notes of anise, fig, and honey finish off the first third.  The core of the cigar is that opening white pepper, leather, and oily wood.  Delicious.

The middle third fires off with a nice sweet chocolate, toffee, and honey with the core of the cigar still hitting on all cylinders - leather, coffee, pepper, and wood.  A spicy note of cinnamon pops in with some almond and sugar sweetness.  The smoke is aromatic and dense with a sweet room note.  The finish starts to develop into a raisin bran flavor thanks to that wheat note.  A simply outstanding cigar.  Strength is on the high side of medium, with the flavors spiking through the roof.

The final third is here, sadly.  This cigar is already a box purchase for me.  Probably will run back down to B&G next week and grab one.  Okay, where was I?  The final third....A very bright anise hits and it actually cools my palate a bit.  The pepper is shifting more towards white pepper now and a caramel and honey pairing pops up as well.  If only I had a plate of kourabiedes and some dolmades to go with this beauty.  A truly outstanding cigar.

Value: Here is one of the greatest things about Curivari cigars.  Not only are they masterfully blended, expertly constructed, and highly enigmatic....they are affordable.  With so many manufacturers placing their cigars in the $12 and up range these days (12 is the new 8) it is refreshing that you can grab one of these beauties for around $8.

Final Thoughts: Well, I'm sold.  I knew this cigar would be good, but I had no idea it would blow me away like this.  A wonderful, unique, and flavorful cigar for the ages - named for one of the greatest minds of the ages.  Without a doubt, the Archimedes comes highly recommended!

Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium-full

Size: 6x50

A beautiful cigar with a slightly rustic appearance.

The band is simple, elegant, and vintage.

Final rating:


Flavor Profile

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