Cavalier Genève Limited Edition 2022

18 Aug 2022  •  Posted by Jack  •  Cavalier Genève  •  137 views

One of the brands I had been dying to get my hands on prior to the pandemic, was Cavalier Genève.  Thanks to the pandemic, I was able to do so.  You might have seen them.  Nearly all of their cigars sport a diamond shaped application of edible gold.  Since my ... Read more

Top Five of 2021

06 Jan 2022  •  Posted by Jack  •  AVO, Crux, Davidoff, Diesel, Partagas, Tatuaje  •  344 views

I know this is a little late, but I thought I should probably post about a few cigars that I feel worthy of some credit.  I smoked a ton of cigars during 2021....I mean, it's the days of COVID lockdowns, so what else is there to do?  Watch some TV ... Read more

Asylum Devil's Night

29 Jun 2021  •  Posted by Jack  •  Asylum 13, CLE  •  525 views

A rarity was handed to me the other day.  An extremely rare Asylum cigar that has been sitting in storage for the past 5 or 6 years....The Asylum Devil's Night.  The story may or may not be news to you, but in Detroit on Oct 30, vandalism and arson is ... Read more

Zino Platinum Master Edition 2008

11 May 2021  •  Posted by Jack  •  Davidoff  •  615 views

What a find!  I was walking around my local shop today and we found a box of Davidoff Zino Platinum Master Edition 2008 corona gordas laying around.  Unmarked.  No price on them.  This is like finding a diamond in a haystack when you were looking for the needle!  An amazing ... Read more

Sobremesa Brulee Blue

20 Apr 2021  •  Posted by Jack  •  Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust  •  876 views

I picked up a box of the modern holy grail today.  The Sobremesa Brulee Blue.  These things are harder to find than the Sasquatch Steve Saka uses as his trademark.  To say that Saka's cigars are my favorites would be an understatement.  I smoke several brands regularly but none more ... Read more

Tabernacle CT David

11 Feb 2021  •  Posted by Jack  •  Foundation Cigars  •  515 views

As we continue to wind our way through this COVID distancing crap, I have had to resort to creating a smoking lounge in my garage.  Plus it's colder outside than a well digger's...well, you know.  I grabbed a new entry during a quick snowy outing today - the Tabernacle CT ... Read more

Yagua by JC Newman

25 Aug 2020  •  Posted by Jack  •  JC Newman  •  660 views

I had to swing by the old brick and mortar on Monday afternoon to pick up some paperwork.  The guys were all glad to see me and after a few jibes and jokes we started talking about new cigars.  Without hesitation they dragged me to the end of the store ... Read more

Sobremesa Brûlée Robusto

06 Jun 2020  •  Posted by Jack  •  Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust  •  625 views

When this whole COVID junk started I realized I needed to resort to online purchases as my local shop, The Wharf, was closed for a large portion of time.  I poke around on several retailer sites daily looking for a deal and when these popped up I about freaked.  A ... Read more

The Tabernacle Toro

27 May 2020  •  Posted by Jack  •  Foundation Cigars  •  546 views

Nick Melillo is one of the fellows behind the Liga No. 9 and T52 cigars from Drew Estate.  The fact that he is doing his own thing with Foundation Cigars is just terrific news for us cigar nerds.  I have smoked my way through his whole catalog and actually found ... Read more

Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour Robusto

04 May 2018  •  Posted by Jack  •  Davidoff  •  3321 views

I am not going to waste tons of time with a lengthy intro.  Suffice to say, this is a cigar so good it had to be reviewed.  Every now and then someone creates a cigar for the we will be talking about 30 or 100 years from now....this is ... Read more

Tatuaje Monster Series No. 10 The Michael

26 Oct 2017  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  2366 views

Michael Myers.  Butcher knife-wielding murder machine out of John Carpenter's terrifying imagination, is the subject of this year's Monster Series cigar from Pete Johnson and Tatuaje.  I was lucky enough to get a box of these last week and I have already plowed through a couple of them so I ... Read more

Tatuaje Négociant Monopole No. 2

31 Aug 2017  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  2235 views

Every year, I find at least three cigars that I just refuse to stop smoking.  This year, I have already done great damage to the existence of Caldwell's Blind Man's Bluff Connecticut, Blackworks Studio's Killer Bee, and the subject of this review, the Tatuaje Né gociant Monopole.  This was my ... Read more

Diesel Grind Robusto

17 Aug 2017  •  Posted by Jack  •  Diesel  •  1950 views

So,'s been a while since I posted a review.  I know, I can only re-read my old reviews so many times before they get boring.  I am going to try to get back into the swing of things by reviewing the brick & mortar offering from the undisputed ... Read more

Tatuaje TAA 2016

13 Oct 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  993 views

Pete Johnson is the master of creating holy grail cigars.  Cigars that are spoken of in whispers, rumored about, and nearly impossible to find.  This year we have the TAA 2016.  Hard to find?  You bet!  They sold out so fast there was a sonic boom. This leathery looking beauty ... Read more

H.R (Hirochi Robaina) Sublime

11 Aug 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Hirochi Robaina  •  1146 views

One of the more sought after cigars of 2015, the H.R line from Corona Cigars is on deck today.  Blended by Hirochi Robaina, grandson of Alejandro Robaina....of Cuban Vegas Robaina fame, the H.R has a very Cuban profile right off the start.  Because of its Nicaraguan roots, it is a ... Read more

Sobremesa Cervantes Fino

28 Jul 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust  •  1110 views

So if I had to categorize the subject of today's review, I think I would fall in the " legendary" category.  The Sobremesa has become one of the most highly regarded and sought-after cigars available.  We are talking Liga No.9 or OpusX level of mythos here.  So, I had seen ... Read more

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Wolf

19 Jul 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  1058 views

Well, here we are.  The end of ten delicious reviews culminating in my favorite Tatuaje Monster...The Wolf.  The Pudgy version of this cigar was absolutely amazing and this Skinny size is not far from it.  Starting off with notes of white pepper, oak, leather, caramel, and some roasted nuts.  As ... Read more

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Jason

14 Jul 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  1012 views

My favorite full-sized monster in skinny form takes the stage today.  The Jason....previously called the JV13...was actually my first full format Monster cigar.  I still have one stashed away for future special occasions too.  Anyhoo, the broadleaf wrapper on the Jason/JV13 really shows what Pete Johnson is capable of.  After ... Read more

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Drac

29 Jun 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  942 views

Here we go.  Starting my final three Skinny Monster reviews.  The remaining three being my favorite monster cigars in any of their previous incarnations.  The Drac is on deck today.  The pudgy version was simply marvelous.  This skinny version starts off with a nice rich set of flavors - oak, ... Read more

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Frank

16 Jun 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  991 views

The monster that started it all....Frank....that is where we are today.  I admit that the Little Frank was my first foray into the Tatuaje Monster series and it totally hooked me.  This new slender version stars off with some earth, black pepper, and deep roast coffee.  The pepper, while not ... Read more

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Mummy

09 Jun 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  899 views

Dry and earthy....That's what I characterized the pudgy and lil Mummies as.  Another fine example of Pete working his magic with the Monster releases.  If you are keeping count, I am half-way through the Skinny set - leaving me with my favorite five remaining.  So, today, if you follow my ... Read more

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Face

02 Jun 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  974 views

It never ceases to amaze me how Pete Johnson can make these Monster cigars contain flavors that are indicative of the monster character they represent.  The subject of today's review is the easiest to spot.  Face...after Leatherface...and is leathery.  The core is leather.  The notes are leather.  Also you'll ... Read more

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Hyde

26 May 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  933 views

Easily the best full-size Monster out of the box - meaning with no rest - the Hyde really blew me away last year.  The skinny version feels, again, like a concentrated version of the big one.  Leather, cream, pepper, and oak fire things off nicely.  Burn is spot-on and smoke ... Read more

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Jekyll

24 May 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  923 views

The Jekyll is next up on the block.  I smoked the heck out of the full-sized couterpart and it honestly got better with age.  The skinny version starts off with a blast of black pepper - something the big one only gave up in touches here and there.  The cream ... Read more

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters

23 May 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  978 views

Okay this is a first....the start of this cigar tastes like bacon?  Well, there is definitely a salty and meaty note starting things off.  Notes of hay, leather, light roast coffee, and mild earth make appearances as things move along.  As you might expect, consruction is flawless.  Some chocolate, salt, ... Read more

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Chuck

17 May 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  931 views

So here we go with the first of what will be ten Tatuaje reviews.  The Skinny Monsters are in stores now and if you should be so lucky as to be able to grab a set, this set of reviews should tell you what to expect.  Picking the first one ... Read more

Partagas Aniversario 170 Salomon

05 May 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Partagas  •  1089 views

Having won a humidor chest loaded with Partagas 150's in 2001, I  have been excited to latch onto one of these new 170's.  I ended up grabbing one of the huge salomons.  Construction is flawless as you might expect.  Notes of leather, wood, cream, roasted nuts, and a touch of ... Read more

CAO Flathed Steel Horse Apehanger

19 Apr 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  CAO  •  1404 views

When you think Motorcycle you think metal and leather, right?  Well, CAO has their motorcycle line within the Flathead lineup on the right track.  These big ring monsters are very well done.  Packaged in boxes with a flat cap - al' la' flathead - the cigars push a hefty leather ... Read more

Crux Classic Toro Marblehead

31 Mar 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Crux  •  1125 views

Looking for a cigar to remind you why you love smoking cigars?  This is the one for you.  First of all, I love the marblehead size and shape with its narrow Cuban 109 style cap.  Flavors are amazingly complex and extremely creamy smooth.  Notes of coffee, caramel, toasty marshmallow, orange ... Read more

Tatuaje Monster Series No. 8 The Hyde

22 Oct 2015  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  4237 views

It's that time of year again.  Halloween is the time for costumes, candy, horror movies, and Pete " The Master" Johnson's Monster Series.  This year marks the eighth in the full size lineup - we aren't counting the Chuck and Tiff from the Pudgy set last year - and the ... Read more

La Palina Red Label Robusto

20 Aug 2015  •  Posted by Jack  •  La Palina  •  4140 views

As I used my charms - or lack there of - to get my mitts on the newest La Palina, I figured I better review it pretty quickly.  I have smoked my way through their cadre of cigars and loved every one of them.  So, how does this new Red ... Read more

L'Atelier Cote d'Or

14 May 2015  •  Posted by Jack  •  L'Atelier  •  4363 views

The announcement of a Pete Johnson creation containing Pelo de Oro last year at the IPCPR was akin to seeing a new blockbuster movie teaser.  The hype was heavy and it did create an air of excitement.  Pelo de Oro is a very sought after and incredibly difficult leaf to ... Read more

A. Fuente Don Carlos Robusto

30 Apr 2015  •  Posted by Jack  •  Arturo Fuente  •  3490 views

Famous Smoke Shop sent material for the easiest review I have ever had the pleasure of doing.  I mean, a Fuente?  They are Cigar Royalty, folks.  And the Don Carlos line is easily the Duke of their lineage.  I will get right to it.... Construction: The Don Carlos line is ... Read more

La Gloria Cubana Tres Puros Dominican Puro.

05 Mar 2015  •  Posted by Jack  •  La Gloria Cubana  •  4161 views

I have said before in one of my posts, that I tend to steer clear of the big name brands.  They just lack a bit of pizzazz that I find in smaller boutique blends.  Now, having said that again, I should caveat that with the two big name brands I ... Read more

Padron 2000

08 Feb 2015  •  Posted by Jack  •  Padron  •  3482 views

Today we are going to review a cigar that I would call a tried and true classic.  They have been around for years and they are one of the most recognized brands around.  Often I have found that folks overlook the classic Padron line because the high end of their ... Read more

Eastern Standard Euro Express by Caldwell Cigars

29 Jan 2015  •  Posted by Jack  •  Caldwell Cigars  •  3642 views

" I'm going to find it and I'm going to destroy it. I don't know how yet. Possibly with dynamite."   Yes, I am starting this review with a quote from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.  Why?  I'm glad you asked.  Have you ever watched a movie by Wes ... Read more

Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto

22 Jan 2015  •  Posted by Jack  •  Oliva Cigars  •  4267 views

I am happy to announce that the guys at Famous Smoke Shop have asked me to review for them.  This is my first review for them and am pretty excited to get things rolling.  Granted, I am so far behind on reviews it is crazy - so their partnership has ... Read more

Foundry Rare Air ET-P2

30 Dec 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Foundry  •  4008 views

I have reviewed a few Foundry cigars over the past couple of years and they continue to surprise me.  Every cigar from their rather hush-hush catalog has been unique and enjoyable.  This year saw a slew of new releases from General Cigar's boutique arm, and the subject of this review ... Read more

Carnavale Toro by Epicurean Cigars

27 Dec 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Epicurean Cigars  •  3065 views

Before I go any further, I need to tell you that this review is a tad self-serving.   Steven Ysidron is a friend of mine.   I developed his website and when things are settled down, he and I chat often.   Steven was working on a band idea for ... Read more

Asylum Dragon's Milk

20 Dec 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Asylum 13  •  3648 views

So, I am sure you probably know about this cigar already if you like cigars and you like beer.  The Asylum Dragon's Milk is aged in New Holland Brewing Co's bourbon barrel stout barrels.  After the cigars are rolled they are aged for two days in the barrels.  So, after ... Read more

Espinosa Laranja Reserva Toro

20 Nov 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Espinosa Cigars  •  3324 views

I am privileged to try my first...yes, first ever...Espinosa cigar today.  I was handed the Laranja (Portuguese for Orange) Reserva for homework and my excitement level is off the charts.  Espinosa's cigars are very highly regarded in the community and I can't wait to see why.  Let's just get to ... Read more

La Palina Black Label Petite Lancero

12 Nov 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  La Palina  •  3320 views

I won't beat around the bush with a lengthy intro.  Today I smoked the La Palina Black Label and it blew me away. La Palina offers some incredible cigars...and this newest addition is one of their best ever.  Let's get to it! Construction: The Black Label has a very rustic ... Read more

Tatuaje Monster Series No.7 Jekyll

23 Oct 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  3461 views

I have no soul. I'm beyond the pale. I'm one of the living dead! Fredric March, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1931 Inside each human is the propensity for good and evil...the premise for Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, written in 1886.  How ... Read more

Foundry 1964 Blend Expect

10 Oct 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Foundry  •  3206 views

The year was 1964 - The Cleveland Browns were Superbowl champs, the Sharpie Marker was new, The Beatles were the biggest thing anywhere, and Goldfinger was in theaters.  The makers of Foundry cigars are offering up a taste of the past in their usual enigmatic way with their Past, Present, ... Read more

CAO Amazon Basin

07 Sep 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  CAO  •  3930 views

Of all of the cigars showcased at the IPCPR this year, the subject of this review surprised me the most.   When I first read about the Amazon Basin I thought gimmick from the start.   This ultra rare tobacco from the middle of the Amazon rain forest called Braganca ... Read more

La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse

27 Aug 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  La Aroma de Cuba  •  4541 views

I recall smoking my first La Aroma de Cuba back in the day and stating that if Cuba smells like these cigars, sign me up.  Since then, I have moved to and away from the is just one that I tend to forget about...sad I know.  Well, this summer ... Read more

IPCPR Report

15 Aug 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  IPCPR 2014  •  4103 views

When you are handed a large pile of free premium cigars to smoke, you don't ask many just grin and say thanks while inwardly cackling like a jackal.  That is, unless they are from the IPCPR.  Samples from the much talked about show are a literal mixed never ... Read more

RoMa Craft Neanderthal

14 Aug 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  RoMa Craft Tobac  •  3548 views

I will admit that I was going to save my sample of the RoMa Craft Neanderthal until last out of the pile of samples I was handed from the IPCPR.  Honestly there have only been three good ones in the batch so far and so many bad ones that I ... Read more

Joya de Nicaragua Red Toro

31 Jul 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Joya De Nicaragua  •  3320 views

Last week, Joya de Nicaragua surprised me with a sampler of their newest creation.  The Red was one of the few cigars I had seen ads for prior to the IPCPR.  Lauded as a value offering, the Red absolutely blew me away.  I waited for too long to review it ... Read more

Cuellar Connecticut Kreme Toro Gordo by Villiger

28 Jun 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Villiger Cigars  •  4158 views

Okay, I don't do this very often but I was handed a few samples to try for The Wharf...I try them and give a thumbs up or down for the store to add them to their already massive stock...but this one I lit up today warranted a fast review as ... Read more

Tatuaje Black Label Corona Gorda (2013)

27 Jun 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  3588 views

I know I am a bit behind on reviewing the Tatuaje Black Label Corona Gorda released last fall and this spring.  I have smoked several and I think the time is right.  The past few months have seen a slew of Tat releases and I have tried hard to review ... Read more

Leccia Tobacco Luchador El Hombre (Robusto)

29 May 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Leccia Tobacco  •  2977 views

Before we start, I will make a promise.  I will limit my wrestling jargon to this intro.  This month saw the newest release from Sam Leccia dropping in off the top rope and putting cigar enthusiasts into a figure four leg lock.  Like a heart punch from Big John Stud, ... Read more

Tatuaje Belle Encre Reserva

26 May 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  3376 views

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that Tatuaje is my favorite cigar brand around.  I consistently reach for Pete Johnson's cigars and am never...and I mean never disappointed.  A richness you won't find anywhere else, construction that makes most brands look like amateurs, and a very broad ... Read more

La Palina Family Series Alison

26 Apr 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  La Palina  •  4156 views

Being handed a bag of La Palina cigars to sample and review is like Santa handing me his whole sack of presents.  The top shelf Family Series Alison is the last of that amazing lot and I have been waiting for the right moment to try it out.  Today, with ... Read more

Black Label Trading Company Last Rites Robusto

06 Apr 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Black Label Trading Company  •  3783 views

Put the coins on my eyes, I have been given the Last Rites.  The rock star.  That is how James Brown, the owner of BLTC described the Last Rites to me.  That simple phrase certainly got my interest up....and finding a trio of them in a box on my doorstep ... Read more

Epicurean Gonzo Santeria Heina

03 Apr 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Epicurean Cigars  •  3469 views

Epicurean Cigars is really starting to shine for House of Emilio.  Owner, Steven Ysidron's approach to small batch cigars is very much like fine wine vintages....and each of his products has that " once they are gone they are gone forever" kind of feel to it.  His latest creation takes ... Read more

Undercrown Dogma

31 Mar 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Drew Estate  •  4624 views

I have come nearly full circle here.  The first really good new cigar I smoked was the Undercrown when they first came out.  I knew nothing about what I was smoking at the time - just that it was a damned fine cigar.  That one cigar started the cigar mania ... Read more

La Palina El Diario Kill Bill

27 Mar 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  La Palina  •  3802 views

La Palina is on the way to The Wharf in Dayton.  If that doesn't excite you, it should.  They are one of the biggest boutique names around right now and their cigars are stellar.  Being handed three samples of their wares made me giddy as a school boy too.  I ... Read more

Black Label Trading Company Benediction Robusto

23 Mar 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Black Label Trading Company  •  4401 views

Finally!  It's not below freezing outside and no white crap is falling from the sky!  What a winter it has been around here...heck, everywhere!  So, to celebrate this joyous occasion, I am sitting on the porch with a bottle of mineral water and a Black Label Trading Company Benediction.  After ... Read more

La Palina Classic Torpedo

20 Mar 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  La Palina  •  2811 views

start here Construction: A nice rustic looking cigar.  A little lumpy and a tad veiny - both of which give the cigar a nice old school look.  The band is elegantly simple compared to the more intricate band found on their other cigars.  I did have some rather nasty wrapper ... Read more

Tatuaje JV13 Jason Voorhees - Re-smoke!

13 Mar 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  3826 views

Like the antagonist of the Friday the Thirteenth films, it's back for a re-smoke!  The JV13 by Tatuaje popped up last October as part of the Monster Series that Pete puts out every year.  I smoked my way through the Mini Monsters prior to the big release last Fall, and ... Read more

Tatuaje Avion 13 Reserva

07 Mar 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  3490 views

Soaring into the review lineup today is the Tatuaje Avion 13 Reserva.  First let me say that I love the Avion line extension from Tatuaje....extending the Fausto line, that is.  Where the Fausto is a stick of TNT, I have often found the Avion line to be a touch lighter ... Read more

Black Label Trading Company Lawless

27 Feb 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Black Label Trading Company  •  4320 views

The most excellent manager at The Wharf handed me some samples, which we call homework.  Two of the cigars looked vaguely familiar to me.  Black and white labels with some nice design, attractive looking tobacco.  Needless to say, I was intrigued.  I was handed two of these samples, Black Label ... Read more

Liga Privada Unico Serie Papas Fritas

06 Feb 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Drew Estate  •  4270 views

As I have stated before, Drew Estate fans are a dedicated bunch.    They have good reason to be.  The Liga Privada line is amazing, the MUWAT line is terrific, and the Nica Rustica is amazing. Anyhoo...the cigar on deck for review today is one I have been dying to ... Read more

1502 Black Gold Toro

30 Jan 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  1502 Cigars  •  3488 views

1502 was a good year....well, I suppose it was.  If anything it led to the European discovery of what would eventually become the cigar capitol of the earth.  Paying homage to that fateful juncture of the space-time continuum, Global Premium Cigars has created a terrific line aptly named 1502.  I ... Read more

MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured Chunky

11 Jan 2014  •  Posted by Jack  •  Drew Estate  •  4083 views

Last summer, fire cured tobacco made a comeback to the cigar industry.  This did open a few eyes as lots of pipe smokers enjoy fire cured tobacco every day, so hearing that cigars were about to utilize this very vintage process seemed very exciting.  To date there are three cigars ... Read more

Nomad S-307 Toro

24 Dec 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Nomad Cigars  •  3297 views

Nomad Cigars.  Never heard of them?  I hope this review is a wake-up call for fine cigars smokers everywhere.  Last May, I reviewed the Nomad Rambler just a couple of days after the passing of my Grandpa.  It was a bitter sweet review.  Rough time, as you can imagine, but ... Read more

Emilio Draig Cayuquero Corona

19 Dec 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Emilio Cigars  •  6985 views

Today we are going to discover one of Gary Griffith's limited releases, the Draig Cayuquero.  Cayuquero roughly translates to troublemaker.  Emilio Cigars has been batting a thousand for the past couple of years and this new limited edition Cayuquero, following up the terrific Draig K, is simply outstanding.  Let's dive ... Read more

Kristoff Galerones Intensivo Robusto

03 Dec 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Kristoff  •  3367 views

My first review on this site was a Kristoff.  I have been a fan of Kristoff cigars for years....Even bought a box of the criollo maduro a few years back and loved every one I smoked.  I know that a lot of people have discounted Glen Case's cigars in recent ... Read more

MIRÓ Cigars Toro

24 Nov 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Compania Hondurena de Tabacos  •  3273 views

I have seen quite a few cigars recently appear in catalogs that were at one time only available in Europe.  While this may make many cigar smokers shrug and reach for their usual US blends, I have taken note to get my hands on a few.  So, to my delight, ... Read more

Ezra Zion Eminence Belicoso Gran Toro

19 Nov 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Ezra Zion  •  3089 views

I am offering up yet another sample from the House of Emilio today.  I have been trying to do them in batches so today I am aiming at the second Ezra Zion item I had on hand.  The Eminence.  I won't bore you with words....let's get right to it. Construction: ... Read more

Ezra Zion Tantrum

14 Nov 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Ezra Zion  •  4294 views

For today's review, I find myself amidst the renovations underway at The Wharf.  Out of my comfort zone, I sit on the opposite side of the store at a table I have only sat at twice in the past decade and in a completely unfamiliar chair that lacks my groove.  ... Read more

Tatuaje JV13 Jason Voorhees

31 Oct 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  3618 views

Let me take you back to the late 80', sitting in the old goose neck rocking chair watching Friday the 13th part 2 with my Grandma....yes, my Grandma.  She loved horror movies.  She never jumped either and would always say, " once I start watching one, I just have to ... Read more

Tatuaje Baby Face

31 Oct 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  3156 views

I admit it, I am a chicken.  When it comes to horror movies, I tend to stay away from slasher films as a rule.  They terrified me as a kid and I still have a slight aversion to them.  There are a few exceptions of course, but the one that ... Read more

Tatuaje Mini Mum

28 Oct 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  4660 views

One of the richest stories among the old Universal monster movies comes wrapped in The Mummy....however the film doesn't show enough of the mummy itself and that is a shame.  The costume was incredible.  I actually prefer the Hammer version from 1959 to the original.  Now, if you make me ... Read more

Tatuaje Frank Jr.

24 Oct 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  3028 views

I am so far behind on reviews that I figured better get on with it.  Since it's getting close to Halloween and I have been sitting on a few of the Tatuaje Little Monsters, I thought the time might be right to fire one up.  The choice was between the ... Read more

Liga Privada T52 Toro

28 Sep 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Liga Privada  •  4897 views

The Wharf is the ONLY place in my area that carries Liga Privada cigars other than the Undercrown.  On Thursday morning they unearthed some surprises in a Drew Estate shipment.  The Feral Flying Pig, the Dirty Rat, and the T52.  Now, I know that the Feral Flying Pig is one ... Read more

Tatuaje Reserva J21

30 Aug 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  3462 views

Last night the Wharf hosted an amazing Tatuaje event.  A gathering of some of the finest cigars in the industry for folks that were either Tatuaje enthusiasts like I am or new to the brand completely.  Looking at the table loaded with Tat products, I was shocked to find that ... Read more

La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli No. 54

29 Aug 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  La Gloria Cubana  •  5517 views

I remember the first time I tried a La Gloria.  It was the core line in 2002 or so.  I was overpowered by the strength of the cigar so much that I didn't like what it offered.  Since then they have become my favorite big name brand on the market ... Read more

CAO Flathead V554 Camshaft

10 Aug 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  CAO  •  4354 views

I admit that I have avoided most of the cigar from CAO over the past few years due to some bland blends and construction issues here and there.  In short, they just didn't do it for me.  I have seen some nice reviews of the Concert series which I have ... Read more

Foundry W. Orange Pre-release

08 Aug 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Foundry  •  3879 views

Jordan at The Wharf just gave me what I consider my Birthday present from the store.  A fistful of new samples.  The one I selected first is a pre-release from the IPCPR this year.  The Foundry W. Orange.  Named for the town in New Jersey where Thomas Edison worked, the ... Read more

Epicurean AG Azul Vintage 2008 Toro

25 Jul 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Epicurean Cigars  •  3424 views

Jordan at The Wharf handed me another of Steven Ysidron's Epicurean samples today.  This one is the vintage 2008 Azul.  After the killer smoke that the Vintage 2007 provided, I was excited beyond words.  I will admit that I wasn't expecting it to be as good as the 2007.  So, ... Read more

Epicurean AG Vintage 2007 Toro

21 Jul 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Epicurean Cigars  •  5738 views

Jordan at The Wharf, tossed me a sample last week from Emilio of the fastest growing and arguably most exciting stables in the cigar industry.  The sample in question was something I had never even heard of before....Epicurean Cigar Company's Armando Gutierrez Vintage 2007 Toro.  I scratched my head ... Read more

Epicurean Gonzo Toro

09 Jul 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Epicurean Cigars  •  3466 views

As the second batch of Emilio Cigars landed at The Wharf, I was lucky enough to score a sample provided by Nate McIntyre, Emilio's national sales manager.  The sample in question had us all scratching our heads in wonder.  The cigar is extremely new to the market so we hadn't ... Read more

Sam Leccia Black 552

27 Jun 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Leccia Tobacco  •  4534 views

Walking into The Wharf today for telework, I joked with the manager, Jordan about giving me something good to try since the previous cigar he handed me was mediocre....which made us laugh because he handed me that cigar with a " I know this one will suck" look on his ... Read more

Tatuaje Avion 12

20 Jun 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  2972 views

The Fausto line is well named.  It delivers strength and flavor in massive amounts.  As I started trying every Tatuaje I could grab last year, I smoked a couple of the companion Fausto product named the Avion.  The Avion 12 is a nice looking small perfecto while the 11 which ... Read more

91 Miles by Flor De Gonzalez Robusto

27 May 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Flor De Gonzalez  •  3172 views

Jordan, the most excellent manager at The Wharf tossed a few samples at me the other day.  Among them were a couple of Flor De Gonzalez's 90 Miles cigars that I had seen in magazines but never in the flesh.  I was excited to try something new but I decided ... Read more

Guayacan Robusto

15 May 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Emilio Cigars, Guayacan  •  3741 views

Hailing from the Emilio Cigars catalog of excellent partnerships comes the Guayacan.  Named for a shrub that grows in the tropics (aka Soapbush) and created by Noel Rojas, this cigar label is among the many Emilio products recently added to the already heavily stocked shelves at The Wharf.  My good ... Read more

Omar Ortiz Originals Robusto

14 May 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Omar Ortiz Originals  •  3511 views

Last Fall, I happened upon a great little cigar shop in Gatlinburg, TN by the name of Smokezy.  The owner pointed out a few cigars as I browsed her shelves and I selected an Omar Ortiz.  I smoked it the following week during a Wharf Wednesday and was impressed.  I ... Read more

Emilio Serie H Sumatra Toro

07 May 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Emilio Cigars  •  3201 views

I have enjoyed every single cigar from Emilio Cigars, that I have tried thus far.  Each one not only excels at being a great cigar but each one is unique and fills in a spot in what is shaping up to be an amazing catalog.  Over the past few months, ... Read more

Nomad Rambler

03 May 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Nomad Cigars  •  3232 views

It's been a rough week for me.  My Grandpa, who was like a Father to me, passed away after 91 amazing years on this Earth.  He was a WWII vet, a man that could fix anything, and just the greatest man I ever knew.  Needless to say, I have been ... Read more

Ezra Zion Honor Series Reagan 40th

27 Apr 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Emilio Cigars, Ezra Zion  •  3484 views

Ronald Reagan - movie star, public figure, 40th President of these United States.  I remember 3rd grade when we heard about the assassination attempt.  It was terrifying.    Of course, I also recall the quote from Airplane, " I haven't felt this awful since that Ronald Reagan film."   Mr. ... Read more

Aging Room M356 Mezzo

24 Apr 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Aging Room  •  2925 views

It was a ridiculously cold and rainy Wharf Wednesday today.  As we walked in for our weekly lunch smoke, Jordan, the most-excellent manager, thrust upon us a new unopened cardboard box containing ten different Aging Room boxes.  We grabbed the M356 blend  and because of the rain, work stress, and ... Read more

La Musa Melete Toro

20 Apr 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Emilio Cigars, La Musa  •  3426 views

After smoking the amazing Mousa blend of the La Musa line, I was thrilled to find out that Gary Griffith at Emilio Cigars had three more blends in the pipeline.  As of this moment we have the aforementioned Mousa blend and the new Melete.  The two remaining blends, the Aoide ... Read more

Illusione cg:4

09 Apr 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Illusione  •  3096 views

If you live in the Dayton area, I have good news.  The Wharf increasing their Illusione offerings.  They now have the largest selection in the area - which means good things if you are looking for great cigars.  There are still several Illusione offerings that I have yet to try, ... Read more

Tatuaje Black Petit Lancero

14 Mar 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  2732 views

Tatuaje labels come in various hues.  The traditional brown for the core line, red for the Havana VI, white for the Series P, and a few others for the Monster Series.  One that is hard to find is the black label.  This was Pete's private blend until 2008 when he ... Read more

Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 Sumatra

21 Feb 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  3319 views

The closest translation of Cojonu? Ballsy.  And that is exactly what Pete Johnson is with his cigars.  He tries different things, breaks boundaries, and helped revolutionize the cigar industry.  This guy is simply amazing and I am a huge fan of his Tatuaje and L'Atelier lines.  I am always pleased ... Read more

Flor de las Antillas toro

21 Feb 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Don Pepin Garcia, Flor de las Antillas  •  6358 views

I look forward to Cigar Aficionado's top 25 list every year.  It's no secret that I love anything Don Pepin blends.   So, this year, I was happy as a clam to see their family garnered numero uno for 2012.  I smoked one of these during the summer, and while ... Read more

Gurkha Red Witch Rothchild

07 Feb 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Gurkha  •  3309 views

Another telework day at the Wharf....and another cigar to review while working.  Jordan passed me a cigar they had been backordered on for a while.  The Gurkha Red Witch.  I had read about them but never seen them in the area.  Let's get right to it.... Construction: The witch is ... Read more

Arturo Fuente Rosado R Robusto

02 Feb 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Arturo Fuente  •  3537 views

It's a snowy craptastic day in Dayton, Ohio today.  What better way to spend a quiet afternoon at The Wharf than by smoking a cigar sporting a sungrown wrapper.  It's like wishing for sunshine with tobacco.  The manager, Jordan, told me " put down your Nobles" and tossed an A. ... Read more

Rocky Patel Edge Habano Toro

27 Jan 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Rocky Patel  •  3573 views

Stopping in to The Wharf on Sundays is a usual habit of mine....I know, I am here far more than just Sunday - and that is basically because it's too damned cold to smoke outside this time of year (11 degrees this morning).  My Fiancee and I had lunch and ... Read more

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero DL-654

20 Jan 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  La Flor Dominicana  •  3402 views

After the amazing L-250 I smoked yesterday, I stopped at The Wharf to do some work on a site after visiting with my 91 year old Grandpa.  Since that 250 was so good, I opted to double down and try the double ligero.  It's a much larger vitola so I ... Read more

La Flor Dominicana Ligero L-250

19 Jan 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  La Flor Dominicana  •  3504 views

One of the glaring omissions from The Wharf's already loaded and top-notch stock was La Flor Dominicana.  News over the holidays that they were going to be getting them in at last caused more buzz than a bear around the honeycomb.  Every UPS delivery was followed by a wave of ... Read more

San Cristobal Seleccion del Sol Toro

11 Jan 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  San Cristobal  •  3259 views

I just realized that the only other San Cristobal I have tried was a Seleccion del Sol also.  Well, there goes my review!  Just kidding.  Actually the flavor profile of this selection is unique enough that I believe it warrants a separate review.  This often happens within a specific label ... Read more

Camacho Liberty 2012

10 Jan 2013  •  Posted by Jack  •  Camacho  •  3133 views

Funny story.  On the way to my Fianceé 's family Christmas party, she called me.  " I am out of cigarettes," she said.  " Will you pick some up for me?" .  Of course I replied " yes" .  At the time of her call, I was about 10 minutes ... Read more

My Father Special Edition 2012

29 Dec 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  My Father  •  3142 views

When my Fianceé 's Mom gave me a gift certificate to The Wharf for Christmas, I already had a plan for it.  They just received a box of My Father Special Editions (blended by Don Pepin's Son, Jaime) and the day after Christmas, I stopped in and cashed in for ... Read more

San Cristobal Seleccion del Sol Belicoso

01 Dec 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Don Pepin Garcia, San Cristobal  •  3552 views

I have walked past the San Cristobal in several humidors since they popped up in 2009.  I always chalked them up as a run-of-the-mill cigar with an old Cuban name.  What I didn't know was that they are a Don Pepin creation.  During our trip to Gatlinburg Tennessee last weekend, ... Read more

Gurkha Ghost Shadow

28 Nov 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Gurkha  •  3227 views

The last Wharf Wednesday happened to be the day before Thanksgiving.  After a super fast lunch, as usual, we wandered into the shop and I elected to purchase something new....brand spanking new, as it turns out.  The Gurkha Ghost.  Now there are SO many different Gurkha cigars on the market ... Read more

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Robusto

05 Nov 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Perdomo  •  3024 views

As I take up my usual chair and table location at The Wharf during any normal visit, I usually walk right past the Oliva, Camacho, Perdomo, and Kristoff displays on my way to the Tatuaje section.  Saturday last, as I was walking to the restroom, which also happens to be ... Read more

Cabaiguan Guapos (Toro Grande Natural)

20 Oct 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Cabaiguan Guapos  •  3272 views

Here we have the 7th entry on the top 25 of 2011....The Cabaiguan Guapos.  Of my three purchases from, I was most excited about this big monster.  The standard Cabaiguan marked a 98 from me this past Summer, so I was expecting something as eventful this go-around.  Let's get ... Read more

Tatuaje Havana VI Victorias

13 Oct 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  3200 views

If you haven't read my Havana VI Nobles review, this one should come as no surprise.  These are just some of the best cigars on the market.  I decimated the box of Nobles size Havana VI the Wharf had in stock, so on a short trip there today, I had ... Read more

Tatuaje Fausto FT166 Short Churchill

11 Oct 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Fausto, Tatuaje  •  3630 views

Yet another of the seemingly unknown brands in the humidor at The Market, the Fausto caught my eye the same day that I found the Cabaiguan but alas, I didn't know anything about it and passed it up.  After the full-tilt Tatuaje rush was on, I went back and grabbed ... Read more

Don Pepin Le Bijou 1922 Petite Robusto

03 Oct 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Don Pepin Garcia, My Father  •  3350 views

Today was Wharf Wednesday and I decided to try something I haven't had before.  So what did I choose?  A miniscule My Father selection.  I love Don Pepin's cigars so I just had a feeling about this one....and boy did I pick a good one!  I am typically leery of ... Read more

Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto

01 Oct 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Oliva Serie V  •  2790 views

Wharf Wednesday last week really pointed me in a new direction.  As I have said in other blog posts, every Wednesday some friends and I visit The Wharf and smoke a cigar before heading back to the office.  It's a ritual and a double defense mechanism.  First, smoking a cigar ... Read more

Don Pepin Garcia Blue Generosos

01 Oct 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Don Pepin Garcia  •  2844 views

I had been meaning to try some of Don Pepin's other cigars.  I mean, I don't want to turn into a one-trick-pony and looking over my slew of Tatuaje reviews, I realized I am getting close to becoming just that.  So, typically on Sundays, I visit The Wharf and enjoy ... Read more

Tatuaje Verocu Tubos

01 Oct 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  2747 views

Remember those old college days?  When finding a dollar bill when sorting laundry was like finding the holy grail?  Well, I have experienced the cigar equivalent of that happy feeling....My current favorite daily smoke is the Tatuaje Havana VI. Imagine my excitement upon finding a tubo version!  I know the ... Read more

Tatuaje Miami Unicos

01 Oct 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  4906 views

In my quest over the past summer to try everything Tatuaje, I almost overlooked the flagship line, Tatuaje Miami.  Also known as Seleccion De Cazador, the brown label Tatuaje line was, at the beginning of the summer, the only of Pete Johnson's offerings I had tried....and that one, smoked way ... Read more

Liga Privada Undercrown Gran Toro

19 Sep 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Undercrown  •  2619 views

I have recently started dropping into the local smoke shop here in Dayton, The Wharf, on Sunday afternoons.  One of their excellent staff members, Cory, pointed me at a new offering from Drew Estate called the Undercrown.  I have since smoked two of them.  After some poking around, I discovered ... Read more

La Riqueza by Tatuaje Belicoso Fino Cabinet

16 Sep 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  La Riqueza, Tatuaje  •  4803 views

There were only two of Pete Johnson's standard Tatuaje creations I had yet to try by the middle of August.  That was quickly rectified by a quick visit to The Market in Dayton.  They had stocked the El Triunfador and the La Riqueza (which roughly translates to the wealth of ... Read more

Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles

13 Sep 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Tatuaje  •  4630 views

I am biased, I admit it.  Tatuaje is all that and a bag of chips.  I am about to review my favorite everyday smoke and tell you why Tatuaje is THAT good. I recently bought my Fianceé a new phone.  In traditional Verizon style, they gave me a mail-in-rebate that ... Read more

Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Selectos

12 Sep 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Don Pepin Garcia  •  2752 views

Wednesdays are " Wharf Wednesdays" for me and James, my cigar smoking buddy.  At lunch we quickly scarf something down at Burger King (usually from the value menu) and then drive about 150 yards to the Wharf, our local cigar shop, for a lunch cigar.  Now, I have stated previously ... Read more

Tabacos Baez Serie H

10 Sep 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Don Pepin Garcia, Tabacos Baez  •  3957 views

Ah, Don Pepin are a genius. In August, for my 40th birthday, I picked up a bundle of Tabacos Baez Serie H Monarcas, a 6.5x52 toro size draped in a luscious Habano wrapper, from Cigars International.  The retail price for 20 of these cigars is usually around $135 or ... Read more

First Review! Kristoff Brittania Reserva Matador

09 Sep 2012  •  Posted by Jack  •  Kristoff, Tatuaje  •  4138 views

Well, here goes nothing!  My first cigar blog post.  I got tired of posting on Facebook so I thought this forum might do me better. After a relaxing day visiting the Grandparents (Grandpa turned 91 on the 6th), I met up with my good buddy, James for a smoke or ... Read more

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