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A recent trip to The Market in Dayton with my Fianceé 's brother had us both talking to the owner about some of his new stock.  Somehow he got me to try a new cigar - forcing me away from my normal fare.  The new Joyo de Nicaragua line, Cuenca y Blanco, which was evidently rated one of the best in show at the big cigar trade show in Florida this year.  How was it?  Let's see....

Construction: After removing the cigar from the cellophane I noticed that this cigar is flawless in appearance.  No blemishes, only one vein visible, a nice milk chocolate color...simply a thing of beauty.

Pre-light Aroma and Draw: The aroma of this cigar when unlit is a very nice subtle sweet tobacco and leather scent.  After examining the foot, I was expecting a tight draw as the cigar appears fairly tightly packed.  Clipping was easy through the triple cap, and I was shocked to find a very smooth even draw with some very nice cocoa-like flavors.  Expectations were high at this point.

Light and Burn: Somehow, I managed to light the Cuenca y Blanco with 6mph wind and gusts of 19mph!  She blazed to life with ease and the burn throughout has been nearly flawless.  I had one minor split in the wrapper which is the only problem with an otherwise terrific smoke.  I am wondering if the tight roll has something to do with that.  Overall the burn passed through the wrapper split uneventfully so no harm done.

Tasting: The Cuenca y Blanco is medium from start to finish. This is one of the smoothest, creamiest, cigars I have had in a long time.  The filler is a blend of multi-national tobacco including some from Peru - which can also be found in the insanely premium Zino Platinum Z Class cigars.  I picked up notes of cocoa, coffee beans, and a terrific woody-earthy flavor that is truly excellent.  The aftertaste is very light and the finish is miles long.  Exceptional.

Value: I felt the nearly $9 price tag is overdone here.  Or maybe I wish it was a couple of bucks cheaper so I can stock my humidor.  I can see myself smoking these often....but that $9 tag is a bit high.

Final Thoughts: The Cuenca y Blanco truly deserves the praises it garnered at the tobacco show this year.  I can honestly say that I am impressed against my will.  It's been years since I smoked a Joyo de Nicaragua and this new non-puro in their line is truly outstanding.  I would say that anyone looking for a step up from mild cigars should dial this one up right away.  Highly recommended.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua, Peruvian, Dominican Republic

Strength: Medium

Size: 5.25x50

Truly a beautiful cigar

I really like the old world band this thing sports.  I would expect to see Wyatt Earp smoking one of these in the Oriental Saloon

The only blemish in an otherwise stellar cigar

Final rating:


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