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11 Feb 2021  •  Posted by Jack  •  Foundation Cigars  •  248 views

As we continue to wind our way through this COVID distancing crap, I have had to resort to creating a smoking lounge in my garage.  Plus it's colder outside than a well digger's...well, you know.  I grabbed a new entry during a quick snowy outing today - the Tabernacle CT David by Foundation Cigars.  One of my favorite brands!  I have smoked a metric f**k ton of their Charter Oak line, probably a half ton of the Tabernacle and Highclere lines, and  the Wise Man too.  This new cigar is made in the AJ Fernandez factory - always a good sign.  Let's see what it's like....

Construction: The David is a little cigar.  Same length as a normal robusto but the shape makes it seem somehow smaller.  The wrapper is leathery and thick with no veins or seams.  Plenty of oils.  Overall a nice looking cigar.  The band is a work of art.  It looks like something right off the wall in an old church in France or Italy.

Pre-light Aroma and Draw: Honestly it's cold enough in the garage tonight that I can't smell anything.  Stupid Ohio winters.  I get a faint sweetness and maybe a touch of earth?  Hard to say.  The draw is perfect and a cold pull gives a earthy cinnamon spice note.

Light and Burn: [EDIT 2/20/21] Whoops!  I forgot to add this info.  The David (and the Goliath for that matter) is a slow burner for such a little cigar.  All told, both of the ones I smoked AND the larger Goliath - lasted longer than an hour and a half.  The perfecto shape lights easily but you need to watch it as you go.  Broadleaf can be a bit unforgiving.  Draw on both sizes is perfect.  Just the right amount of resistance.

Tasting: As I start off I get a really spicy red pepper note that actually burned my throat a bit.  Dark roast coffee beans and a really heavy earth make up the core but that red pepper is so intense it makes me feel like the fear David must have felt seeing his giant adversary on the battlefield.  Okay that was a tad hokey but man this thing is a stick of TNT.  A smooth mineral note and some floral tones pop up next.  The retrohale separates the men from the boys with that huge red pepper dominating.  As the first third closes I get a pair of my favorite notes to find in any cigar - orange peel and orange blossom.  Simply delicious.

As the second third starts the pepper drops down a bit letting other flavors move to the front.  Burnt caramel and vanilla, a deep musty note of dark leather, a musty note, dark cocoa, and more of that dark coffee earthy core.  This cigar is becoming hypnotic  - a truly distinguished praise from me.  A cigar that achieves that level is otherworldly and in a different class than most cigars out there.  The closest comparison I can come up with is Steve Saka's Sin Compromiso - my favorite cigar ever.

I am into the final third now.  The David smooths out to a delicious finale.  Chocolate truffle, black cherry, oak, mushrooms, and that dark musty leather all swim around that coffee and earthy core.  An astounding cigar from start to finish.  I am going to sit here and let this little monster warm me up until I can't hold it anymore.

Value: At around $12 this little fellow is a tad pricey.  However, if you have ever smoked anything by Foundation Cigars, you will know their cigars are worth every cent.

Final Thoughts: What a ride.  An easy contender for top cigar I will smoke this year, I am sure.  My only complaint is the size.  Another half an inch would have really made it better.  Simply because it would have added another few minutes of time to such a great experience.  As it is, the robusto size lasted me over an hour.  This cigar is worth hunting down.  The Wharf in Beavercreek has them.  I can't recommend this one enough.

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Mexican San Andres
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua

Strength: Full

Size: 5 x 54

That band is gorgeous!

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