Crux Classic Toro Marblehead

31 Mar 2016  •  Posted by Jack  •  Crux  •  1146 views

Looking for a cigar to remind you why you love smoking cigars?  This is the one for you.  First of all, I love the marblehead size and shape with its narrow Cuban 109 style cap.  Flavors are amazingly complex and extremely creamy smooth.  Notes of coffee, caramel, toasty marshmallow, orange blossom, and a really terrific and unique fruity flavor like blueberry muffins.  The smoke is copious and very aromatic.  Easily one of the better habano cigars out there.  Crux has some really solid cigars in their portfolio so I highly suggest checking them out.  For my money the Classic is the best.  It comes in at under 8 bucks too, so how can you go wrong?  Highly recommended!

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