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Tatuaje Monster Series No. 8 The Hyde

Posted by Jack | in Tatuaje | on 22 Oct 2015 | at 6:04 AM | 1524 views

It's that time of year again.  Halloween is the time for costumes, candy, horror movies, and Pete " The Master" Johnson's Monster Series.  This year marks the eighth in the full size lineup - we aren't counting the Chuck and Tiff from the Pudgy set last year - and the first time that we have seen a two-part series. Last year was the incredible Jekyll so naturally we have to get the Hyde this year, right?  Bingo!  Anxious to smoke doesn't even come close here so let's get it on.... Before we begin, I always toss Pete a few ideas for next year - he probably doesn't see them but I do it anyway.  So here goes.  A Creature from the Black Lagoon cigar with... Continue reading »»



La Palina Red Label Robusto

Posted by Jack | in La Palina | on 20 Aug 2015 | at 11:50 AM | 1411 views

As I used my charms - or lack there of - to get my mitts on the newest La Palina, I figured I better review it pretty quickly.  I have smoked my way through their cadre of cigars and loved every one of them.  So, how does this new Red Label stack up?  Let's see..... Construction: The Red Label has a nice rustic look to it - a tad rough around the cap but not poorly done or anything.  The wrapper is seamless, nearly veinless, and rough with tooth.  The new red band is extremely sharp as well.  Overall a nice looking presentation. Pre-light Aroma and Draw: Out of the cellophane the Red Label gives off a nice and very strong scent of sweet cinnamon. ... Continue reading »»



L'Atelier Cote d'Or

Posted by Jack | in L'Atelier | on 14 May 2015 | at 10:16 AM | 1704 views

The announcement of a Pete Johnson creation containing Pelo de Oro last year at the IPCPR was akin to seeing a new blockbuster movie teaser.  The hype was heavy and it did create an air of excitement.  Pelo de Oro is a very sought after and incredibly difficult leaf to grow.  susceptible to mold and diseases, most farms avoid growing it if they can cultivate it at all.  In fact, the Sancti Spiritus leaf that Pete uses on the core L'Atelier line is a hybrid of Pelo de Oro and Criollo which is much more hardy.  Pelo de Oro itself is regarded for strength and sweetness - but again, being hard to grow it isn't seen often.  This cigar landed at the Wharf here in... Continue reading »»



A. Fuente Don Carlos Robusto

Posted by Jack | in Arturo Fuente | on 30 Apr 2015 | at 10:33 AM | 1304 views

Famous Smoke Shop sent material for the easiest review I have ever had the pleasure of doing.  I mean, a Fuente?  They are Cigar Royalty, folks.  And the Don Carlos line is easily the Duke of their lineage.  I will get right to it.... Construction: The Don Carlos line is not the prettiest cigar around.  They are usually a bit lumpy and have the occasional vein here and there.  I  have had some issues with the wrapper splitting too - but in defense of this terrific smoke, the wrapper leaf is very delicate on this cigar, and a few issues here and there do not detract from the flavor at all. Pre-light Aroma and Draw: The Don Carlos has a nice earthy and sweet tobacco... Continue reading »»



La Gloria Cubana Tres Puros Dominican Puro.

Posted by Jack | in La Gloria Cubana | on 05 Mar 2015 | at 11:00 AM | 1697 views

I have said before in one of my posts, that I tend to steer clear of the big name brands.  They just lack a bit of pizzazz that I find in smaller boutique blends.  Now, having said that again, I should caveat that with the two big name brands I do smoke often.  Punch comes in second to La Gloria Cubana....and that is the brand we are looking at today.  La Gloria has a nice old world feel while still being redolent of boutique brands.  My personal favorite La Gloria is the Serie N.  Seeing them release a trio of Puros this winter got me pretty excited and thanks to samples provided by the sales rep, I was lucky enough to try them before they... Continue reading »»